Kollus provides the answer to all your online video needs.
You don’t need to agonize over complicated technologies surrounding it!

Once you upload your video, Kollus will handle the end-to-end technology required to perform a successful online video business. Anything from encoding, content management, web page image creation, publishing, to delivery and analysis.
Easy to use interface and pay-as-you-use billing method. Please find out more on what Kollus can offer.

Upload and Encoding

No need for manual encoding jobs! Once you upload the video file, Kollus will encode the file into any required formats optimized for all types of devices including smart phone, PC and IPTV.
You can upload the file via web or FTP and by using Kollus Encoding System (KES), you can create the best quality video files.

Stable Uploads

Easy uploading via web. Also supports FTP uploads for large sized files and multiple file uploads.

Auto encoding

Encoding is done in predefined video format while uploading the content. Kollus Encoding System reduces the encoding time to a fraction of existing methods while creating high resolution videos.

Multi Format Encoding

One original video file can be transcoded into diverse encoding profiles to fit multiple N-Screens. Pre-setting of multi-device optimized encoding profile can be done in two clicks using Kollus interface. Also supports manual setting of encoding profiles to satisfy expert user needs.


To provide online video service, managing a large number of video files is inevitable.
Kollus CMS allows it’s users to easily manage thousands to millions of ever increasing video files. Video files can be managed by category, channels and can be searched using the tag function.

Category Management

Encoded contents can be grouped and managed by two tier category in library menu.

Channel Management

Contents can be managed by channels to meet user convenience. Channels can set with different services and can be allocated by multiple channels.

Metadata Management

Users can create and manage new metadata as well as original video file metadata.


Search can be conveniently done by file name and tags.


A showroom to preview contents is provided by channels.
Anyone can have view access to the showroom and the user can easily set limitation to the playtime of the contents within the channel.

Virtual DMC(Digital Media Center)

Usage right of contents can be provided to other users or can be borrowed without physically moving or copying of the file.


Player is the second interface that interacts intimately with your customer. Non-customized Native Player will not satisfy the needs of your valuable customer requirements. You can improve your customer’s user experience with Kollus Player by customizing to your business needs. Customized HTML5 player, Flash player and dedicated player will satisfy the needs of your business in multi device environment.

HTML5, Flash Player

HTML5 Player and Flash Player is provisioned to fit the next Web environment.

Kollus Player

Kollus player, equipped with content protection, bookmark and video play speed control features not provided in HTML 5 and Flash players will meet the requirements of your content business.

  Existing Players Kollus Flash and HTML5 Player Kollus Player
DRM Limited DRM Features Customer DRM Integration
Authentication Unauthorized viewer block Unauthorized viewer block
Video recording block
Audio Watermarking
Video Overlay
Supported browsers IE (Internet Explorer) IE, Firefox, Chrome IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari
Supported devices PC(Windows) PC(Windows), iOS, Android PC(Windows/Mac), iOS, Android
Video play speed control 0.5X - 2.0X
Subtitle support SMI, SRT support
Additional features API / Plugin support
Seek & Control
API / Plugin support
Seek & Control
Super wide support*
Bookmark support

*Super wide. Auto scaling of bitrate to fit the selected video screen size.


Content owners should have full control over the advertisement on their contents. Kollus not only allows insertion of advertisement on start and end point of the video but also allows attachment of banners within the video to click and direct to the designated URL.

Video AD on start and end point of content

You can easily attach advertisement video to your content by just selecting destiny URL and insertion point of advertising video file.

Banner AD

You can easily insert banners into the video while the video content is being played. Also supports Video Commerce by inserting icons that allows conversion of viewing to shopping. In case of PPL and embedded marketing, you can provide information regarding the products in the form of banners.

Easy to use AD User Interface

There is no additional development work involved in providing advertisement. Kollus web user interface allows content owners to insert advertising by just inputting banner source URL.

Content Publishing and Delivery

Your content needs to be viewed by the global audience stably and in high quality. By utilizing Kollus Global Delivery technology, you can easily utilize CDN(Content Delivery Network) service to deliver your contents globally. Kollus ‘Global Delivery’ technology allows high quality global N-Screen service with just few clicks on the web.

N-Screen Service

Kollus supports multi browser (explorer, chrome, safari, firefox) and multi device (PC, tablet, smart mobile) environment.

High quality delivery

Kollus support diverse video transferring methods (HTTP progressive download, HLS, Pseudo Streaming, etc) and up to 6Mbps encoded high quality files.

Global Delivery Technology (Patent Number 10-1499809)

Kollus, based on globally distributed Network and delivery technology, can satisfy the viewing experience of global audience. You can pre-select where your targeted regions are to guarantee high quality service to designated regions.

CDN Management

Stable content delivery even in case of traffic surges is possible without any additional efforts in managing servers and/or NW.

Contents Service by Designated Regions

You can block the access of video contents by regions/countries, or can even allow service in specific regions or countries only.

Content Protection

Unauthorized usage or loss of contents is one of the biggest concerns of content owners. Illegal URL hacking and multiple logged in users, all result in lost business opportunities. Kollus provides multiple layers of content protection such as authentication, DRM, video recording protection and audio watermarking technology. Your contents will be safe with world class video content protection technology of Kollus.

  • Basic

    • Step 1

    • > Checks authentication key to block unauthorized viewing of videos.
    • > Unauthorized viewer block
  • Security Pack (Kollus™ Player)

    • Step 2

    • > Content encryption technology to protect contents from unauthorized users
    • > Protection from exisiting DRM crack programs
    • Step 3
      Video recording block

    • > Protection from illegal distribution of recorded video (Video capture tools)
    • Step 4
      Audio Watermarking

    • > Insetion of identification signal into the audio to trace illegal recorder/distributor of video
    • > Inserted signal cannot be removed (Patent Number 10-1440898)

Audio Watermarking (Patent Number 10-1440898)

First of its kind Audio Watermarking technology allows content owners to track unauthorized usage of their contents. Unique authentication value will be automatically inserted into the audio signal (values such as ID, content identification value, time, etc) so that the illegal user can be identified even after the content is lost. Audio detection rate can be dependent on external noise in the audio of the recorded video.

  • step 01

    Insert authentication value in the audio file
  • step 02

    Illegally distributed file
  • step 03

    File Test
  • step 04

    Check Usage

Analytics and Reporting

What is the demographics of my video content audience? What devices do they use? Kollus provides a detailed analytics through daily/weekly/monthly reports customized to your needs. Kollus allows you to establish data based content strategy by providing detailed information on viewing habits of your contents.

Usage Analysis

Real time transferred data, traffic and storage usage data is provided. Email notification is provided in case of traffic surges and low level payment balance.


Reports on user’s content viewing habits is provided. Also, device information, browser, OS and region of content request is all included in the report.

Google Analytics

To understand the web usage habits of the content users, analytics can be integrated with Google Analytics and provided through Kollus analytics and reporting menu.


Do you already have a CMS (Content Management System) in operation? Do you want to utilize your customized UI? Now you can power your CMS to a next level by connecting your CMS with Kollus through Open API. Kollus provides diverse APIs, so that you can keep your existing system and process and still utilize Kollus Online Video Platform.


Video gateway API, Pingback API, Media authentication API, Video Security gateway API, User key API, Audio Watermarking code API, Service Account API, Encoding Profile API, Content Library API, Channel API, Category API, Package API, Pass-through API, Media Token API


Java Authentication Module, PHP Authentication Module , Player Script (Javascript for Kollus Player)