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“Kollus provides one stop solution to all your online video service needs.”

Content curation, especially for online video is the key to a successful content business and Enterprise communication strategy.

Evolution of smart phones, PCs and TVs, has greatly changed the use pattern of Internet and its use hours. 86% of people aged between 12 and 59 now own some sort of smart device and use the device approximately two and a half hours a day on average.

Effectively reaching consumers that rely much of their time on the Internet to communicate, search information, shop, and seek entertainment will become more and more important to Enterprises. And video, as one of the key communication method will be a crucial part of everyday Enterprise communication strategy.

Why videos? People rely heavily on vision and hearing during communication.

Technology development has continually introduced new forms of media and people’s selection of what media to choose depends on the amount of information and the quality of presentation. Video is certainly one of the most efficient means of delivering quality information in a limited time frame. This is the reason why many Enterprises such as Video Commerce and Video Advertizing are putting online video as a core part of their communication strategy with consumers.

Is your company ready to adopt online video as a key communication method? Kollus can help Enterprises develop effective online video communication strategy.

Industries and Case Study

Kollus was designed to support the diverse business requirements of utilizing online video. Kollus will help you to seamlessly provide online video to fit your business needs, with no limitation to what device, browser, geography and contents that you are targeting.

E-Learning Business

Kollus player provides diverse features such as video speed control and bookmark function to satisfy your end-user experience. Kollus Security Pack provides a 4 tier content protection method to minimize the risk of unauthorized use of your valuable contents. Also, it can be integrated with your existing LMS to maximize your E-Learning Business needs.

Brand Marketing

Many brands communicate with customers via online video. Kollus provides an in-depth analytics tool so that you can analyze the needs of your customers and the marketing fit between your brand and customers. Kollus can also be utilized to hold online marketing events to maximize your customers relationship with your brand.

Online Video Contents Business

Kollus provides one stop solution to all your technical problems in providing high quality video contents to your end users. Anything from encoding, server hosting to global delivery through CDN can be handled over easy to use web interface. Also, open API will provide the flexibility to integrate with your existing systems to fit your day to day business needs.

E-Commerce Business

Kollus can be utilized to enhance consumer’s interest of products; provide detailed description of products; and allow the consumer to purchase while watching the video.